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Crystal Visions, Bespoke and Custom Body Art

From the first sketch to the finished result, we are one of a kind. We’ll do anything from a simple name to a full sleeve, and we won’t rest until all of our work is perfect. We pride ourselves in providing a clean, relaxed, comfortable environment, while also maintaining a wide variety of styles. If ink isn't your thing, we also do piercings and tattoo laser removal.


The Services We Offer


Custom Tattoo Designs

Crystal Visions prides itself on outstanding art, a calm atmosphere mixed with the exceptional customer service set it above your average tattoo shop. Our artists can design any style of tattoos just for you - Book in for a consultation. Prices start from £40 with an hourly rate of £70 with our senior artist, and £40 with our junior artist.Minimum age is 18.

Laser Tattoo Removal

We like to think that we live life without regrets, however there is always that one tattoo we wish was a little different. Pop in for a chat with our onsite Laser Technician. Prices start from £20.


Crystal Visions also offers an array of above waist piercings. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts if you are interested in finding out more about this service.


Opening Hours

Tues - Fri: 10.30am- 6:00pm
Saturday: 10.30am- 5.00pm


 The Gallery 

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Piercing Price List:

Helix £20

Eyebrow £20

Conch £25

Pinna £25

Rook £25

Tragus £25

Anti-Tragus £25

Daith £25

Smilie £25

Nostril £25

Lobes £20

Navel £30

Nipple £30

Labret £25

Madonna £25

Monroe £25

Medusa £25

Bridge £25

Tongue Web £25

Scaffold £30

Septum £30

Tongue £35 

 Healing times

  • Ear lobe, eyebrow and septum: 6-8 Weeks

  • Ear cartilage and nostril: 2 Months-1 Year

  • Tongue: 4-8 Weeks

  • Lips: 6-12 Weeks

  • Nipple: 2-6 Months

  • Navel: 4 Months- 1 Year


What You Need to Know



Aftercare for a tattoo is extremely important, correct aftercare not only helps your tattoo to heal at a faster rate but limits complication and ink loss while it does heal.

After your tattoo sitting before you leave the studio it will be cleaned and a thin layer of cream will be applied to the treated area. Here at Crystal Visions we like to use Yayo. We will then wrap it with cling film, this is important to stop any bacteria from your tattoo as it is a fresh wound and helps to limit and weeping or bleeding that potentially may occur. This must be left on for about and hour as it gives your tattoo time to starting the healing process in a clean environment.

After leaving it wrapped for about an hour and half give it a wash with lukewarm water and a mild soap, cleaning all plasma off. This may be very sore but correct cleaning is very important and helps to limit scabbing during healing.

Always remember to dry your tattoo before putting your aftercare cream on. This is important to stop over hydration and sweating in the skin as this will lead to possible scab formation. When you dry your tattoo use a clean paper towel or kitchen roll using a dabbing motion till it is dry or you can air dry it naturally. Once fully dry apply a thin layer of aftercare, we recommend yayo aftercare for this.

Repeat the cleaning two to three times a day, but always remember to make sure you tattoo is clean before use or you will encourage bacteria into the tattoo.

Things you must avoid...

  1. Baths, do not get in a bath with your new tattoo, they are full of bacteria and cause your body to sweat which can make your tattoo sweat and open up the wound.

  2. Swimming pool, avoid these at all costs, they’re filled with bacteria and will heighten your chance of infection greatly.

  3. Direct sunlight as it’s bad for tattoos in general always wear sun block as it will fade the ink second during the healing process it will burn.

  4. Cleaning products. Keep your ink away from cleaning products with chemicals in them like bleach, hair dyes etc.

  5. Pet, although this is a harder one to avoid try not let you pets walk over or jump up at your fresh tattoos, it will hurt and their claws are filled with dirt which if it gets in your tattoo can cause infection.

Most tattoos will have slight scabbing during the healing process and this is normal and will flake off within a ten day period, but keep applying aftercare cream regularly as tattoos can sometimes take several weeks to heal properly.

Contact Us

157 Monton Rd
Eccles, M30 9GS
United Kingdom



157 Monton Rd
Eccles, M30 9GS
United Kingdom

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